Valenta Off-Roader

Valenta Off-Roader is the micro:bit enabled, 4tronix motor driver powered off-road buggy, with the built-in servo for steering and Lego Technic compatible. You can mount GoPro, Rally LED lights, pick-up trailer and more! You can also control it using 4Tronix Bit:Commander!

Manual & Assembling Guide

Check the following instruction manual and assembling guide for building parts and wiring electronic components step-by-step.

Instruction Manual (PDF)

Assembling Guide (YouTube)


The tutorial explains how MakeCode sample codes are programmed. As you get to know the sample codes better, of if you have a new idea, you could customise it and program your own code!

MakeCode sample codes

You can play immediately by downloading the MakeCode sample codes! You can unzip the folder and find these files:

  • Receiver.hex
  • Transmitter.hex
  • BitCommander.hex

You may need two (x2) micro:bits ... one for the transmitter and the other for the receiver.


Setting up "Receiver" micro:bit

Once you connect your computer and the micro:bit to be used as the receiver, drag and drop Receiver.hex file to the micro:bit.


Setting up "Transmitter" micro:bit

Once you connect your computer and the micro:bit to be used as the transmitter, drag and drop Transmitter.hex file to the micro:bit.


If you have 4Tronix Bit:Commander to be used with the transmitter micro:bit, you can transfer BitCommander.hex file to the transmitter micro:bit and plug it in to the BitCommander.



Powering up Valenta Off-Roader and the "receiver" micro:bit

You may need four (x4) AA batteries in the car. The motor driver obtains the power that comes from these batteries and sends the power to the receiver micro:bit and the two rear motors.


Powering up the "transmitter" micro:bit

If you use the transmitter micro:bit alone, you may need the battery source separately. You can get one of these battery cases! If you want to use Bit:Commander, it will provide the power to the transmitter micro:bit.

Valenta Off-Roader is the collaboration product mutually developped by 4Tronix and Hummingworks. All rights reserved.