You will need one (x1) micro:bit and four (x4) single-use 1.5V AA batteries. Micro:bit, iOS device, GoPro camera and Lego parts in the above photos are NOT included.

Valenta Off-Roader is a micro:bit controlled Off-Road RC car. It is Lego Technic compatible and equipped with two (x2) micro gear motors on the rear wheels and (x1) built-in steering servo based on Roberval balance arm mechanism.

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Assembling has never been easier! You can build the car with lots of fun and confidence. There are no needs for too many challenging processes, like soldering, gluing or painting. Simply follow each assembling step in the tutorials below and you're good to go!

App & Sample Code

You can control your micro:bit powered Valenta Off-Roader with the Game Pad app on your iPhone or iPad! Check these tutorials below for how to set up the app and to download the sample MakeCode file!

Lighting up LEDs

The new version has come up with the built-in x4 LEDs for night crawling! With Valenta extensions, you could set up various LED flashing modes, duration and RGB colors! Personalize your car and light up the night! Thanks instructables for featuring the Night Crawler project!

3D Mod Parts

Pro-builders can download free 3D mod parts for expansion! Why don't you try 3D-printing and transform Valenta Off-Roader into a trail rig! Enjoy the servo winch, the cargo rack and the GoPro camera mount! The car can get wild and you're really driving!


Your car's steering might be a little right or left because of its servo by default. In the above sample code, we will adjust the function steer block for calibrating the servo angle to its straightforward position.

If the steering is a little left,

set center to 90 - 5

for offsetting -5 degrees to the right.

If its steering is a little right,

set center to 90 + 5

for offsetting 5 degrees to the left.

Safety instructions

We have designed our products to be both fun and safe. These products are designed to be friendly with young users in mind, so accidents from unintended uses are less likely. We minimize excessive details, reduce sharp edges and use non-toxic materials so that the models are made safe for playing. However, to play with any electronic modules and power supply, we recommend careful adult supervision and mentoring at all times for users of all ages.


Our products can offer something to explore mainly for the builders aimed at ages 14+. This is an ideal introductory micro:bit STEM kit for young builders. This can also be a great set for grown-up enthusiasts. Do not give this product to children under the age of 5.


Care instructions

Each kit requires new, single-use batteries separately. Please check how many battery cells are required for the kit you've purchased. Insert the batteries to the holder in the correct orientation and do not reverse polarity. Do not mix batteries of different types or ages. Replace all batteries at the same time.


You can gently clean your model with a cloth. We do not recommend washing with household cleansers, such as anti-bacterial liquid sprays or detergent.


Our models are designed with reliability in mind, but if you experience problems, or in the unlikely event of a breakdown, just contact us to get our support. We want to be able to assist you friendlily and promise to do what we can to fix your problems.

Valenta Off-Roader is the collaboration product mutually developped by Hummingworks LLC and 4Tronix. All rights reserved. Humming Works LLC is the product house that designs engineering programs and kits for educators and makers. 4Tronix is the supplier of educational electronics. It makes electronics boards for BBC micro:bit, Arduino and Raspberry Pi.