Makers, educators and enthusiasts of broader ages and tinkering levels can launch lots of fun projects with our micro:bit robotics DIY kits. We are dedicated to fun designs that make it easy for non-experts to get started. Junior DIYers could gain dexterity skills though assembling. They could deepen computational thinking by connecting cables and coding actions. To help them find a passion and go deeper into the knowledge of engineering, we've designed various micro:bit robotics kits that are easy to build, program and control. These kits are offering amazing self-directed learning opportunities through DIY.

Valenta Loco is a micro:bit RC locomotive equipped with micro gear motors on the bogies and front LED headlights. Valenta Loco has Lego Technic compatible pins for mounting custom body shells made with Lego bricks. It is a powerful and smooth-running engine that is compatible with Lego train and rail ecosystem.

Valenta Off-Roader is a micro:bit RC car equipped with two (x2) micro gear motors on the rear wheels and (x1) built-in steering servo based on Roberval balance arm mechanism. Valenta Off-Roader has Lego Technic compatible pins for mounting body shells. You can mount "Safari" body shell and go out for expedition!

Motor controller for micro:bit

We've designed a micro:bit based motor controller called Valenta Zero. It contains a small motor controller DRV8833 for controlling two (x2) DC motors and there are four (x4) connections for general I/O and servos. These pins can operate at 3.3V or 5V (selectable) with the on-board switch.

Tutorials and Sample Codes

We've launched hands-on tutorials at Instructables and you can download ready-to-play sample codes to your micro:bit. The codes are made via Microsoft MakeCode editor and you can customize or build your own codes for fun.

Creating 3D Mod Parts

Try 3D printing to create new mod parts! Download various 3D models and functional parts available at Thingiverse!

Valenta Off-Roader is the collaboration product mutually developped by Hummingworks LLC and 4Tronix. All rights reserved. Humming Works LLC is the product house that designs engineering programs and kits for educators and makers. 4Tronix is the supplier of educational electronics. It makes electronics boards for BBC micro:bit, Arduino and Raspberry Pi.