Setting up the car

You will need these materials:

Also check out these assembling guides:

Setting up micro:bits

Have you downloaded MakeCode sample codes to your computer? Open the folder and find Transmitter.hex and Receiver.hex files. Connect your computer and a micro:bit via USB cable, and copy each file to each of your micro:bit.

"Transmitter" micro:bit

Copy Transmitter.hex file to a micro:bit and use this as "transmitter" micro:bit.


Insert x2 AAA batteries to the battery case. Connect this micro:bit to the battery case and turn on the switch on the case.

"Receiver" micro:bit

Copy Receiver.hex file to another micro:bit and use this as "receiver" micro:bit. Mount this micro:bit on the car.


Insert x4 AA batteries to the holder in the car. Turn on the switch on the motor controller board.

These sample codes are ready to play and you can start driving the car! Try these actions with your "transmitter" micro:bit and master the road!

  • tilting down -> going forward
  • tilting up -> going backward
  • tilting right -> turning right
  • tilting left -> turning left