Bit:Commander controller

Bit:Commander is 4Tronix's easy-to-use remote controller for micro:bit! It can be used to send various analogue and digital input commands for another micro:bit. Of course, Bit:Commander can be used as the transmitter for Valenta Off-Roader!

By downloading MakeCode sample code for Bit:Commander, you can play immediately with Valenta Off-Roader! Simply copy BitCommander.hex to your "transmitter" micro:bit, connect to Bit:Commander and turn on the switch! You can drive forward, backward, right or left using Red, Green, Blue, Yellow square buttons on the left.

Mapping actions to buttons

Do you want to customize the code for your Bit:Commander? Why don't you try coding with BitCommander extensions? They are very easy-to-use predefined blocks of codes. Let's open MakeCode editor and click Extensions in the menu.

In the search box, type bit:commander and click the BitCommander extensions.

Bitcommander extensions are now added in the menu. You can make use of inputs, Leds, and more blocks of code in many ways.