Making great things much easier

Many thanks to Purdue University INSPIRE Research Institute, the block toy system we have designed for Bridger Trains brand has been selected as a Engineering Gift award in 2018!


We believe that a toy system should be designed friendly. We've seen more toys getting complicated nowadays. Our mission is to lower hurdles for building toys without excessive challenges. We will continue to design new toy systems for kids to engage in something they can be proud of.

Design for Assembly

We always pursue Design for Assembly methodical approaches by which toys are played with ease of assembly in mind. If toys contain fewer parts and if they are provided with features which make them easier to grasp, move, orient and insert, this could reduce technical challenges for kids. Our toys are designed to be easy to assemble, hassle-free and sophisticated based on our simple toy mechanism. That way, we could support kids' tinkering experience and their sense of achievement.