As a hardware incubator

We’ve known from our experience that hardware incubation is not without challenges. We have come from backgrounds in materials, fabrication and production in the field of mechanics, electronics and software engineering. Our manufacturing capabilities have been leveraged by Direct Digital Manufacturing from designing to production.

We are emphasizing Dev-Ops collaboration from designing to production phase for accelerating overall delivery processes. We are taking concurrent approaches by trouble-shooting production challenges at early phases of a project.


The factory team has been running tooling machines days and nights for new molds to be ready. The team is conducting test shots with high-precision injection machines to identify the optimal form, fit and function of each parts.


Our cross-functional team is monitoring resource availability and implementing just-in-time sourcing for obtaining components right on time. The team is stocking the parts ahead of time to deal with peak demands. We are orchestrating multiple sourcing processes based on "One-Team" principle.