To please junior builders and enthusiasts, we've decided to lower hurdles for making great STEM kits easily. We've designed unique toy systems that adopt friendly assembling and programming. We believe it a great idea to let junior builders create something with fun and confidence. There are no needs for too many challenging processes. We want to spread our principle and reach broad uptakes across globe. You will let us create a fun, easy and cool programs and kits for mutually engaging learning experience.

Since 2006, we've formed a product-designing house, a group of engineers and marketers for developing simple and friendly engineering kits and programs across UK, Europe, America and Japan. Our mission is to please teachers, students and makers with the passion for electronics, mechanics and software. We listen to them closely for creating a mutually engaging learning atmosphere. We are working hard for engineering great toy systems built from bottom up. Our goal is to spread our principle across globe. If you could uphold our ideas, we'll gladly team up with you. We've been proud of our path and entrepreneurial spirit of innovation.