We've been supporting robotics competition challenges on the global scale. In the era of pandemic times, workshops and events are very challenging to continue. Schools need to shift to virtual meetups. Kids need more self-learning opportunities at home than ever. We want to keep supporting those who love and believe in wonderful making of robotics and DIY. Let's promote virtual learning opportunities together! Please share this message on to makers, educators and enthusiasts.


We are mutually working with science instructors for creating fun and stimulating projects. Our engineering kits and programs have been broadly applied to physical computing projects in the classrooms.


We are promoting community-based coding clubs. Members could learn how to code, develop web apps and create games in both self-directed and mutually engaging curriculum settings. We focus on supporting junior programmers' creativity and their ownership of learning. Throughout the activities, all of us could gain coding skills and learn interpersonal capabilities.


We would love to get involved with makers and enthusiasts in the workshop competitions and events! We are traveling for sponsoring them in cities across the world. Check our tweets for up-to-date activities!