In the classrooms

We proactively work with science instructors around the world for creating fun and stimulating projects. Our educational toys have been used in many project settings for exploring STEM discoveries in and out of classrooms.

In the communities

We promote community-based clubs and events for kids. They can learn how to code, develop web apps, create games and explore fun technology in an informal and creative environment. We focus on encouraging these curious kids to express their creativity and to take ownership of their own learning.


We aim to foster and encourage self-directed learning. As mentors, we help kids to dictate how they learn and what projects they get involved in. We are not trying to replicate a classroom environment. Our activities don't have to be linked with any specific curriculum or formal courses of study. Kids can choose their contents based on their curiosity. That way, kids can not only get hard skills like programming but also learn soft skills like interpersonal capabilities.

At global events

Of course, we love to get involved with makers and enthusiasts around the world! We go on a long journey every year by sponsoring events in many cities and introducing our toy brands. Please stay with us through our social media for up-to-date activities!